Dinner à la Russe

Punch I'm Starving.

(Explained by Mrs Beeton in the 1880 edition of her Household Management)

In some houses the table is laid out with plate and glass and ornamented with flowers, the dessert being placed on the table, the dinner itself being placed on the sideboard and handed round in succession, in courses of soup, fish, entrées, meat, game and sweets.

This is not only elegant but economical, as fewer dishes are required, the symmetry of the table being made up with the ornaments and dessert.  The various dishes are also handed round when hot, but it involves additional and superior attendance, as the wines are also handed round, and unless the servants are very active and intelligent, many blunders are likely to be made.




service à la Russe (July)

Julienne Soup / Vermicelli Soup


Boiled Salmon / Turbot & Lobster Sauce

Soles-Water Souchy / Perch-Water Souchy

Matelote d’Anguilles / Filets de Soles à la Normandé

Red Mullet / Trout

Lobster Rissoles / Whitebait


Riz de Veau à la Banquière

Filets de Poulets aux Coucombres

Canards de Veau à la Rouennaise

Mutton Cutlets à la Jardinière


Braised Beef à la Flamande

Spring Chickens

Roast Quarter of Lamb

Roast Saddle of Mutton

Tongue / Ham and Peas


Quails, larded / Roast Ducks /

Turkey Poult, larded

Mayonnaise of Chicken / Tomatoes

Green Peas à la Française

Suédoise of Strawberries

Charlotte Russe

Compôte of Cherries

Neapolitan Cakes / Pastry

Madeira Wine Jelly

Iced Pudding à la Nesselrode


Dessert and Ices

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