Villains Against James Bond



It’s not just Bond himself, nor those fabulous Bond Girls, who kept us returning to the cinema – we also loved the villains.  But from the start (the first Bond film was back in 1962) the villains in the films were not always the same as those in the books.  Here are some film villains.  Some appear in several films:

* Mr Big, in Live and Let Die: played by Yaphet Kotto

* Ernst Stavro Blofield, in From Russia With Love: played by Anthony Dawson

* Ernst Stavro Blofield, in You Only Live Twice: played by Donald Pleasance

* Ernst Stavro Blofield, in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service: played by Telly Savalas

* Ernst Stavro Blofield, in Diamonds Are Forever: played by Charles Gray

* Ernst Stavro Blofield, in Never Say Never Again: played by Max von Sydow

* Elliot Carver, in Tomorrow Never Dies: played by Jonathan Pryce

* Le Chiffre, in the 2006 Casino Royale: played by Madds Mikelsen

* Sir Hugo Drax, in Moonraker: played by Michael Lonsdale

* Aurie Goldfinger, in Goldfinger: played by Gert Frobe

* Gustav Graves, in Die Another Day: played by Toby Stephens

* Dr Kananga, in Live and Let Die: played by Yaphet Kotto

* Kamil Khan, in Octopussy: played by Louis Jordan

* Elektra King, in The World Is Not Enough: played by Sophie Marceau

* Rosa Klebb (of SMERSH), in From Russia With Love: played by Lotte Lenya

* General Koskov, in The Living Daylights: played by Jeroen Krabbe

* Aris Kristatos, in For Your Eyes Only: played by Julian Glover

* Emilio Largo, in Thunderball: played by Adolfi Celi

* Maximillian Largo, in Never Say Never Again: played by Klaus Maria Brandauer

* Colonel Moon, in Die Another Day: played by Will Yun Lee

* Dr Julius No, in Dr No: played by Joseph Wiseman

* General Orlov, in Octopussy: played by Steven Berkov

* Franz Sanchez, in Licence To Kill: played by Robert Davi

* Francisco Scaramanga, in The Man With The Golden Gun: played by Christopher Lee

* Karl Stromberg, in The Spy Who Loved Me: played by Curt Jurgens

* Alec Trevelyan, in Goldeneye: played by Sean Bean

* Mr White, in Casino Royale: played by Jesper Christensen

* Brad Whittaker, in The Living Daylights: played by Joe Don Baker

* Viktor Renard Zokas, in The World Is Not Enough: played by Robert Carlyle

* Max Zorin, in A View To A Kill: played by Christopher Walken

Other differences between book and film versions of (approximately) the same story include:

* In Diamonds Are Forever Bond’s adversaries are The Spangled Mob, comprising Jack and Seraffimo Spang, Mr. Kidd & Wint.

* In From Russia With Love more emphasis is given to the sinister Russian agency SMERSH, and Red Grant has as important a role as does Rosa Klebb.

* In the short story For Your Eyes Only the villain is Von Hammerstein.

* In Thunderball more emphasis is given to the secret agency SPECTRE

* Adversaries in The Spy Who Loved Me include Mr. Sanguinetti, Sol ‘Horror’ Horowitz, and ‘Sluggsy’ Morant

* In the short story Octopussy Bond confronts Major Dexter Smythe.


And finally, here are a few of my favourite favourite villains.


appeared in sundry James Bond books starting with Thunderball.

Master spy and agent working for Bond’s principal adversary, the international conglomerate SPECTRE (Special Executive for Counterintelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion – which Blofeld founded).  Among the various super-powered villains that frequent the books, Ernst Stavro Blofeld is the most efficient and tenacious.  Highly intelligent, he has degrees in engineering and radionics.

Blofeld’s film appearances include:

From Russia With Love: played by Anthony Dawson

You Only Live Twice: played by Donald Pleasance

* On Her Majesty’s Secret Service: played by Telly Savalas

Diamonds Are Forever: played by Charles Gray

Never Say Never Again: played by Max von Sydow



in Goldfinger (1959)

The villain after whom this Bond novel is named.  His golden touch is exhibited early in both the film and the book when he has a troublesome ex-mistress painted all over in gold leaf — a fabulous luxury, she thinks, unaware that having had every pore of her skin clogged by gold she will slowly expire.  Goldfinger’s main aim in life is to explode a small atomic bomb inside Fort Knox, thus contaminating much of the world’s gold supply and making it unusable.  (He, of course, has his own supply.)  Against a villain as ruthless and devious as this, only one man can stop him.  Goldfinger was the seventh Bond book.

Albert R Broccoli’s classic 1964 film (third in the Connery series) had Gert Frobe as a splendid Goldfinger.  The film is repeated on TV almost as often as radio repeats the fantastic version of the title-song thumped out by the magnificent Shirley Bassey.



in Doctor No (1958)

The villain after whom this James Bond adventure is named.  His modest ambition (typical for a Bond novel) is to take over the world.  Doctor No is the sixth Bond book but became the first Bond film (directed by Terence Young way back in 1962).   Sean Connery, of course, was Bond, James Bond.  Joseph Wiseman was Doctor No.



in Goldfinger (1959)

Vicious hitman assistant to the master criminal Goldfinger.  Oddjob’s preferred method of assassination is to hurl a razor-brimmed bowler hat as others would a frisbee.  In the 1964 Bond film Oddjob was played byHarold Sakata.

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