About Me

I’ll keep it short.  Full details are on my other website, which you can reach by clicking here: RUSSELL JAMES

Please contact me in whichever way you prefer.  For instance, you might want to use the ‘Comments‘ feature on this blog – or you can talk to me on Twitter.

My Twitter tag is:  @getRussellJames

By all means send me a message – or simply join in – by clicking Facebook

Meanwhile . . . I’ve written around a dozen crime novels, four or five more quirky novels, a number of short stories and any amount of journalism about writing.  Oh, and half a dozen works of non-fiction. To sample some, either jump to my other website or sample my ebooks on Amazon or Smashwords, by clicking SMASHWORDS (for any format) or, for Kindle, jump to AMAZON

(Incidentally, as there are now several writers called Russell James (how dare they?) so you might like to know that the relevant Author’s Page on Amazon is at Russell James   Ignore pale imitations and choose one of mine from my Front Page.)

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You might also like to contact me via my more personal Author blog, which is at: Russell James

Among other delights, you’ll see that:
(1) I’ve added a page of Mad Music Videos. Why not take a look (and listen)?

(2) Great-Grandmother’s Secrets: I have gathered 5 of my great-grandmother’s wonderful Victorian Romances into a new eBook from Prospero – ludicrously cheap and every story illustrated with original engravings. Take a look.

Do keep checking in at this BOOKSMATTER blog.  You never know what you’ll find.

Click HERE for latest news


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