Back when we bought books

Nash book tokenBack before the days when we bought books in book shops and Book Tokens were made to look like rip-off store cards, they were attractive things made of paper and, astonishingly, might be designed by an artist of the stature of John Nash.

How would you like one of those for your birthday?  (Even if it doesn’t look a typical Nash.)

That’s when a present felt like a present.

< sigh >


About Russell James

author of 10 crime novels, 5 other novels, some non-fiction and 4 biographical encyclopedias.
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2 Responses to Back when we bought books

  1. knotrune says:

    Love book tokens, would be quite happy to get them for every present ever! 🙂 Sadly, some people prefer to give me useless tat that sits in my cupboard being neglected unless I can make myself take the uncomfortable step of giving it to a charity shop because I find it hard to get rid of things I have been gifted.

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