EXIT 39 – an iPhone novel

E39 3An iPhone novel?

The world of publishing is changing.  The digital revolution has sent the skittles flying, and publishers don’t know how to pick them up again, let alone how to set the nine pins straight.  They’re concentrating on first-time novelists and established best-sellers.  The rest of us, the middle ground, are frozen out.

But writers can change too.  We can speak directly to you, our readers, via that same digital technology and, on that theme, my latest novel, EXIT 39, has the twist that instead of being typed in the usual way it has been narrated into an iPhone.  So what more natural than that I should launch it exclusively as an ebook?  (In all formats, of course – Kindle, Kobo, Nook or however you prefer.)

Should you bother?  Take a look.  Just click the link and, if you like it, please tell you friends – as many as possible!

Click here: http://russelljamesbooks.wordpress.com/books/exit-39/

Be part of it, and enjoy Exit 39!


About Russell James

Author of some 2 dozen books in a 30-year career. Crime and historical fiction. Non-fiction too (including 4 biographical encyclopedias).
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