After 500 years, what have we learnt about sex?

Erasmus wrote IN PRAISE OF FOLLY in 1509.  It’s still a good read.  For example:

How ridiculous we men are, Erasmus wrote, or at least, how ridiculously we have been constructed. Consider how our construction makes us breed: “Is it the head, the face, the breasts, the hands, the ears or other more comely parts that serve for instruments of generation?  Believe it or not, it is that member of our body which is so odd and uncouth that it can scarce be mentioned  without a smile. This part, then, is the fountain of life from which springs everything.”

And consider how unthinkingly our sexual desires cause us to behave: “What man would be so silly as to run his head into the collar of a matrimonial noose if (as a wise man surely would) he had first considered the inconveniences of married life?  What woman would open her arms to receive the embrace of a husband if she had first considered the pains of childbirth and the plague of nursing the child?”


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