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This is a blog about books and writing,with lots of of book-related pages including, of course, a word or two about me.

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In summary then, this is a blog for writers and readers and anyone who loves  books.

Plus there’s much more about Victorian writers and illustrators on my VICTORIAN LINES site – press HERE:

If you’d like to know a little more about me or about any of my own 2 dozen books, check my website – press HERE:

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What am I writing now?

I write crime, general and historical fiction, and non-fiction too. My latest novel, the second in The Croome Victorian trilogy is about the ‘coming of age’ of a young girl sent to live with her charismatic guardian, and is a prequel to  After She Drowned, about forbidden love in the Victorian church. The third in the trilogy comes out this spring

Kindle downloads of all my books can be had direct from Amazon: Russell James page  or you can click here: Amazon

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